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Growth. Confidence. Success. 

Daycare Center

About Us

The Academic Enrichment Center  (AEC) provides special educational supports to a meet a wide variety of student needs. The AEC provides students a specialized learning environment dedicated to academic, social, and emotional support. Our academic support programs are specifically designed to help students build essential skills in areas such as reading, math, language development, and social interaction. We utilize evidence-based instructional methods and adaptive technology to cater to each student's learning style and pace.

Who this program is for?

  • Is your child struggling to meet the academic pace in his or her grade?

  • Is he or she not learning the core reading and math skills at the same pace as their peers in school?

  • Are they struggling with behavior or with confidence in school?

Then this Center may be what you are looking for!

The primary focus of the AEC is to provide students with additional support in their General Studies content area classes. The Learning Center teachers pre-teach, re-teach, scaffold, and modify material to ensure that each child can effectively access the material they are taught in the classroom. Study skills and test taking strategies are also incorporated through the content that is taught. Enrichment Center classes provide students with small group instruction where they learn how to develop their skills and review the General Education curriculum with the support of dedicated special education teachers.

Parents are required to provide additional services (such as speech, OT, RBTs, tutoring, etc.) as needed to help their child maximize their learning growth.

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